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Bizarre Framing is here to frame your stories and preserve your precious memories. We frame artworks, photographs, sporting and other memorabilia, certificates, awards and much much more. You name it. We frame it.

Why does custom framing cost so much?


The simple answer is that Excellent framing takes…

  1. Time

  2. Skill

  3. Good supplies


People tend to be a little shocked at first but when we begin to explain and demonstrate how to custom frame, people understand why the cost is as it is. It is truly an investment into your art, your memories, your stories and to spend more on artwork means that you will reap the rewards.


What we are talking about is genuine, skillful “proper” framing – the kind where your artwork is actually protected from sunlight and elements and sits beautifully inside of a frame that just looks perfect on your wall.


his isn’t to say you can’t do it yourself and we actually offer the supplies you will need to do this. However, be prepared to be patient as you’ll need to spend time figuring it all out, cutting the mat boards, laying everything down, getting everything lined up perfectly and then putting it all together correctly. If something is really valuable, however, it pays to get it professionally framed. Trust the experts, we are here to help.


Or if you are time-poor and are wanting a simple but professional solution – come see us and we will do all the hard work for you. In fact, we’ll enjoy it :)


Want to see some of our past work and previous frames? Then head over to our gallery and have a look through what we have done.


Come see us at Bizarre Framing, located at 8 / 104 Newmarket Road , Windsor or phone the shop on 3357 3022.



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