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Bizarre Framing is here to frame your stories and preserve your precious memories. We frame artworks, photographs, sporting and other memorabilia, certificates, awards and much much more. You name it. We frame it.

BEFORE you frame, think about these things.


Consider these points before heading in to get your artwork, memorabilia or image framed.

1. What and who.

Decide what you’re framing and who you are framing it for.

2. Location, location, location

Where will the frame be hung and displayed? As that will affect the colours, frame, matting, details and how it is finished.

3. Matting matters

Get advice on what matting to use (or leave it up to the experts) but make sure you choose wisely as matting affects the the entire end result.

4. Running start

To ensure the best results, make sure the item to be framed is in the best condition possible before you start.

5. Extras

There are so many extra little things you can do to make your frame unique – fillets, bevelled mat treatments, creative window openings, specialty paper or fabric mats all make a difference.

6. The Main Event

The actual frame is the main aspect to consider and choose. Pick the best frame to enhance your artwork, image or memorabilia. There are countless styles, sizes and colours that come in a variety of stains, glazes, and finishes.

7. Invest

By using archival material to protect your artwork, you will avoid it coming into contact with materials that contain acid (which will gradually destroy your art). Instead, we use special matreials like archival mats and backing boards to protect art. Time in itself can be very damaging and also environmental pollutants which can cause deterioration.

8. Good form

Make sure your artwork is mounted correctly, and if you are using expert framers, this won’t be a problem. But if you’re unsure, ask about what process they use as there are different techniques for different items. Ask about dry/wet mounting (best for photographs and posters) versus museum mounting/hinging (best for original artworks/ irreplaceable items)

9. Glazing over

Again, this is something to ask the experts about but if you are framing something important or valuable, glazing is means of extra protection. Lots of variations to choose from like anti-reflective, non-glare and conservation glass (which has been specially formulated to help filter UV light).



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