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Bizarre Framing is here to frame your stories and preserve your precious memories. We frame artworks, photographs, sporting and other memorabilia, certificates, awards and much much more. You name it. We frame it.


We frame your everything.

Bizarre frames artworks, photographs, sporting and other memorabilia, certificates, awards and much much more. We have framed items as diverse as football jerseys, christening gowns, golf balls and golf clubs to  war medals, bows and arrows, school pockets and ties and even a lobster from overseas!

Framing styles range from traditional to contemporary. Bizarre has a selection of over 300 picture frame mouldings available as well as an extensive range of acid-free matting choices. We stock environmentally friendly Eco-Choice frames, beautiful Italian Bellini frames, in addition to all of the regular frame choices. An additional option is our special stainless steel framing service – for a minimal industrial look.

One of experienced framing team will guide you through the custom framing service to ensure you take home a frame that enhances and preserves your artwork, photograph or object, to help you share and display your stories.

To make an appointment to visit our Windor-based framing studio for a framing consultation, click here.


Pictures should hang with the centre point just above eye level (about 150cm from the floor). But if the room is mainly used for sitting, place the picture between seated eye level and standing eye level. If you hang a picture over a couch, it should be two thirds the width of the furniture and about 20cm above it. If hanging a group of works above a couch, always use an odd number such as three or five.

When hanging your frame, always use picture hooks, not nails. Hooks evenly distribute the weight of the artwork across the support, and holds the artwork closer to the wall. Quality hooks and accessories are available at Bizarre Framing.


Observe lighting from the sun and also interior lighting where you plan to hang your frame. Be careful where you hang artworks as exposure to the sun may cause fading. If this is a concern, talk to the Bizarre Framing staff about UV safe framing options.

Use good quality spot or track lighting to highlight your art but don’t aim it at it directly as the light bouncing off the glass creates glare.


For a contemporary style, choose thin timber or metal frames for a minimalist look. Or consider Bizarre’s custom stainless steel framing service. For a more traditional look choose decorative or ornate frame designs. When choosing mat board, it should be twice as wide as the frame you have selected. Choose a mat colour to match the artwork.


You can create visual interest with a group of paintings, photographs or artworks. A casual eclectic look can encompass frames of a variety of materials and styles. You can use frames and mats of different sizes but be sure they complement each other. Tight groupings are best. Some frames get lost if they’re scattered around a wall.



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